Celebrating Summer with Sara & Steve

Season greetings friends!

Tis the time to catch up on wedding posts, and to reminisce in the glory of past summer days filled with sunshine.  It’s getting cold here in Minnesota-brrrr.

This August I was honored to be asked to help celebrate the joining of two lovely families with Sara and Steve’s country wedding on Lake Sylvia near Annandale, MN.

We all know weddings can be stressful, especially for the bride, and so one of my biggest responsibilities is to make sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable.  I consider the fact that I will be working with a lot of people who hate sitting still or are not used to wearing make-up or having their hair styled by a professional.  Meanwhile, this is especially evident with the younger ladies.  Thank goodness for modern technology! I bring an iPad stocked with games for all to enjoy.

It is pretty cool how often I get to be a part of the “emotional action.”  The bride’s mother in-law shared a life and a tear with her new daughter in-law as they looked at time honored old photographs together.

It was a honor to be part of such a special and intimate gathering of family and friends and the little cabin the couple rented for the event was simply adorable.

Cheers to Steve and Sarah and to summer days by the lake in Minnesota!


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