Guest Blogger-I’m Gonna Wash This Gray Right Out…

Just looked in the mirror the other day and could not believe the amount of gray that is coming in…

I know by how often I am wearing a scarf on my head, a hat, or some other hiding device that it is definitely time for a color!

Danielle is my go to person when it comes to wanting lovely long lasting color that looks natural, more natural than the color that I was actually born with.  Danielle has an extremely good eye for just the right color for a person’s skin tone.  I’ve had so many stylists get this wrong in the past, and there is nothing like coming home, seeing your reflection and knowing the color you’ll be sporting for the next eight weeks is wrong, just plain wrong.

However, lately, I’ve been intrigued with all of the amazing models wearing shades of blue, pink, lavender.  Like these pics from the Fall issue of the art and fashion magazine Bullett.

Meanwhile, I noticed a woman in Italy last summer who was most likely in her sixties and she had neon pink hair.  I remember thinking that it just didn’t work at her age…

Never considering myself an agist, I was mortified at my thoughts.  Too old?!  Who cares how old she is?  Let her go for it!

Well, what do you think?  Is there an age where you just can’t get away with having pink hair or intense red or platinum blonde?

There is a part of me that would really like to just go for it someday, dye my hair some unnatural shade, and the surprising conservative in me is appalled.

Well, Danielle, I think we’ll just stick to my regular color…I’ll be seeing you in a few days I hope, and I’ll be wearing the cutest hat I can find.


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