Megan – A Natural Beauty

I had the opportunity to work with Megan and her attendants earlier in the Wedding Season. Megan has an smile that radiates, you just can’t keep yourself from smiling right back at her.

Thanks to LMC Photography for the great images of Megan!

540936_10151049499012531_1870191382_n 527577_10151049499197531_297790444_n 522317_10151049499877531_1978828542_n 543359_10151049499907531_1810819853_n 482911_10151049499777531_596703803_n 421193_10151049499107531_320189471_n 420483_10151049499042531_2146453629_n 230862_10151049499247531_409641290_n 75126_10151049500457531_774010422_n 60211_10151049499692531_148465415_n 9223_10151049499302531_1110673910_n


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