Lindsay – Natural Beauty

Lindsay is one of those people who radiates natural beauty. These pictures were taken at her wedding, this year she is celebrating her one year anniversary.

Again, it was wonderful working with Lindsay and her attendants. Even through the rain her natural beauty was radiant.

Thanks to LMC Photography for shooting these photos.

10572235_10204082107954241_1121397186442793846_o 10608704_10204469006186455_3913331762090976541_o 10599157_10204468977825746_8007913195418086376_n 10996784_10205721618380977_7698084742708694728_n 11010569_10206291505147790_558992641612248414_n 10530868_10204161822147046_454071312119267890_n 10311987_10205621512478392_1937968031714772242_n 10688023_10204439710174073_6721112952342063192_o 10458609_10204943680253010_7931735190869270415_n 10353542_10205052329609176_8185465786763707276_n 10563001_10204085482238596_3385244035814821797_n 10641278_10206042486642483_8284849336893918066_n 10557288_10204085483558629_4645721128382482686_n


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